Can't say it hasn't been a trial all this self-isolation and social distancing. Vive Le Rock! photographer Tina Korhonen took her camera round to London to check up on some of our punk and rock community to see how they're coping....

"During the lockdown I wanted to photograph some musicians and performers on their doorsteps, windows and gardens, mainly for my own sanity," she says. "All images were taken while practising social distancing, and apart from one shoot in North London, all photos were taken during May and early June."

Knox, main singer and songwriter for The Vibrators, although no longer touring with them. Please check out his music charity shop Rock 'N' Roll Rescue in Camden Town, now open again.

The Smeg, lead singer of King Kurt and Swannee Lucifera Vranckx, creative photographer, model and performer.

Ben Ward, singer of heavy metal band Orange Goblin and Sandie Soriano Ward / Sandistik, jeweller and model.

Jen Brown aka Jenny Drag, singer and songwriter of The Priscillas. If you haven’t yet, please check them out.

The Rock and Roll barber Mr Ducktail has been unwillingly stuck getting into gardening at his new home, and can't wait to get back to work next week. For the wildest cuts in town, book here.

Napalm Beth and  Djamel Abina from The Blue Carpet Band on their hideaway rooftop of their flat on Holloway Road. 

Chrys Columbine, burlesque star, pianist and martial artist, training in her back garden. She is the only burlesque performer who combines classical piano with the art of striptease.

Glen Matlock and Earl Slick were quarantining together in London, until recently when Earl went back to NYC. Their live sets from the lockdown are still here.

All photos by Tina Korhonen, 2020. All rights reserved. /

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