If you don't remember 90s noiseniks SLOY, you could be forgiven, but if you do, you're probably recalling a blistering angular post-punk trio that you once saw opening for PJ Harvey, Dinosaur Jr or Shellac and wondering what happened to them.

Formed in the town of Beziers is southern France in 1991, having relocated north to Rennes, the band eventually came to the attention of an admiring Steve Albini, who took them on tour and produced their first two albums, earning approving attention in the UK media, including from the legendary John Peel, who invited them in for a session. After one more album, the band split in 2000.

Originally released in 1995 through Roadrunner, their acclaimed debut album Plug has been reissued through NineteenSomething Records, expanded with bonus tracks from the EPs Fuse and Pop

The label has also released the 10-track Electric Live 95/99, featuring tracks from Paris, Ris-Orangis, Saint-Lô and London.

Both albums are available to buy here.

Check out 'Old Faces' live...


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