MEAN FIDDLER PRESENTS     THE SLITS Plus KASMS   FRIDAY 16-Oct-09   ULU ­ LONDON University of London Union Malet Street London WC1E 7HY     £15.00adv <> <>     DOORS: 19:30 <> <>     The Slits are a British <> punk rock <> band <> formed in 1976.   Narnack Records is pleased to announce the October 20, 2009 release of Trapped Animal, the first full-length release from The Slits in over 25 years. 2009 also marks the 30th anniversary of The Slits debut album Cut, the historic album released on Island Records.   The Slits became a part of the punk pantheon with songs that even today continue to be meditations on alienation and angst. With Trapped Animal , The Slits remain the same genre bending band they were in their inception, still standing out from the rest of the pack. In the title track they examine how the conveniences that surround us in today¹s modern world have also trapped us. Other tracks include ³Pay Rent² which focuses on the everyday struggle artists face trying to pay the bills through their art along with the sexually charged ³Lazy Slam². ³Ask Ma² will be out as a single in August and will be your first taste of Trapped Animal.   The current lineup features original members Ari Up and Tessa Pollitt along with Hollie Cook (daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook), Anna Schulte and Adele Wilson. The Slits known for their infusion of punk and reggae sounds are one of the most significant female punk-rock bands in history. Both legendary and somewhat notorious there is a satiric, tongue-in-cheek quality to their songs instead of a strident peachiness. The Slits are loud, brash, bold and unrepentant. They never compromised their image or stance and their very presence threatened those that considered rock to be a male-only pursuit. In the late 1970¹s an early 1980¹s the band toured with legendary punks such as The Clash, The Buzzcocks and The Sex Pistols.   They went on to influence many generations of bands including The Gossip and Sonic Youth whom they played with in 2007. The Slits continue to expand the boundaries of punk, combining it with various ethnic and experimental sounds and plan to continue doing so for years to come.   In addition to the new album, a book about the band, Typical Girls? The Story Of The Slits written by Zoe Street Howe, is scheduled to be published in the Fall.    
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