A NEW ALBUM FROM THE BOYS FROM HERSHAM!!! NEW SHAM 69 ALBUM  Well its come round again the boys from Hersham have struck gold with this new release, on top of what has been an incredible change of events. The band who fought tooth and nail when the line up changed have taken on the world and won. Though the battles stil continue with new ideas and new territories, though its hard to believe theres any left.... after band have registered live shows in over 3/4's of the world in the last 3 years. This new album was worked on following their successful tour of China. Being the first major UK Punk act to perform there and without watering down anything of their guts or banter, the band went down a storm. So much so it will feature in a full length DOCUFILM of the band to be released on both terrestrial TV and Cinema. The album entitled THE LAST GANG IN LONDON is a emotional return their roots as its released on the bands first label STEP FORWARD RECORDS, the pioneering label which was run by Miles Copeland and still today, Sniffing Glues Editor Mark P . Also a return to SHAM 69's classic style echoing the voice of the streets...if you want pretentious songs with pretentious lyrics dont buy it. This album does what it says on the tin.. no holes barred steet rock n roll. The band have gone back to their roots with avengeance and dont give a shit who cares. With such songs as THE PUBLIC ENEMY and SHOUT it has something for everybody and has a go about everybody. Though SHAM 69 lost its way on the mirroring of life in its songs over the last decade this album rights that wrong.  A social kick in the teeth is the order of the day, with songs like HEY LITTLE LADY and THE VERDICT IS VENGEANCE they are razor sharp reality shocks for the softcore. So with a full UK and EUROPEAN tour to promote it, I am sure that the UK will be eating christmas dinner whilst listening to this SHAM 69 album over the Queens Speech.      THE LAST GANG IN LONDON TOUR  UK/EUROPE    SEPT    26TH   INFERNO CLUB    SAO PAULO  BRAZIL   OCT   30TH  CAFE DRUMMOND   ABERDEEN  31ST FAT SAMS   DUNDEE NOV   5TH GUILDHALL GLOUCESTER  6TH ACADEMY   MANCHESTER  7TH THE BOX, CREWE   8TH SIN CITY SWANSEA    11TH THE NORTH BAR BLACKBURN 12TH  ROBIN 2 WOLVERHAMPTON  13TH THE NEW TAVERN WIGAN   14TH  THE BOARDWALK SHEFFIELD  15TH  CAVERN CLUB LIVERPOOL  19TH  ROCK AT SEA ­ NORWAY   20TH  ROCK AT SEA ­ SWEDEN  21ST   ROCK AT SEA ­ NORWAY  26TH THE TUNNELS BRISTOL   27TH  TALKING HEADS  SOUTHAMPTON   28TH  THE BORDERLINE   LONDON        DEC  4TH IDUNA DRACHTEN   HOLLAND  5TH  LOPPEN COPENHAGEN 6TH DE KADE ZAANDAM   HOLLAND   7TH LITTLE DEVIL TILBURG HOLLAND    8TH NACHTLEBEN  FRANKFURT   9TH KNUST HAMBURG  GERMANY    10TH  ZWISHENBAU  ROSTOCK GERMANY     11TH GLADHOUSE COTTBUS  GERMANY 12TH VELVET TEPLICE  CZ 13TH ALIBI WROCLAW  POLAND  14TH S KLUB OLOMOUC  CZ   15TH SHELTER VIENNA AUSTRIA 16TH FEIRWERK MUNICH   17TH SACKFABRIK MAGDEBURG  GERMANY  18TH KAMP BIELEFELD   GERMANY 19TH MELKWEG   AMSTERDAM  HOLLAND  20TH THE STEEPLE WAREGEM BELGIUM  21ST THE VENUE   NEWCASTLE   22ND   ORAN MOR   GLASGOW   SCOTLAND  23RD THE VOLUNTEER HALL  GALASHIELS 
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