PRESS STATEMENT Sham 69 has been disbanded by Dave Parsons. (original and founding member of Sham 69)  After the news in 2006 that Jimmy Pursey and Dave parsons were to go their sepperate ways, with Dave installing a new line up of Sham 69 to fullfil his need to tour the Sham songs world wide, He has finally disbanded Sham 69.  Upon returning from holiday in Cuba Dave found his name had been removed from the list of band members on the Sham 69 facebook site and that the other members,Timothy Vance, Ian Whitewood and Al Campbell have been rehearsing in a replacement Guitarist, without Dave’s permission or knowledge.   Dave has said ‘The band  will therefore presumably be continuing as a TRIBUTE BAND. If the band use a different name so as not to con the audience, he wishes them all the best with their new venture’. (He is also prepared to play out any previously booked gigs for the sake of fans who have bought tickets and to honour any contracts,)  Dave has not ruled out the possibility of playing the odd gig as SHAM 69 with any of the old members of Sham 69 previous to this last line up.  He would also like to thank all the people all over the world who came out to see the band  and showed their support over the last four years.  Dave Parsons
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