SEX PISTOLS - THERE'LL ALWAYS BE AN ENGLAND  BLU-RAY OUT JUNE 13TH.   "Hello London, how the fuck are you?"  (Johnny Rotten)     It was one of the most important reunions in rock and roll history: The Sex Pistols took on the Brixton Academy in monumental style in November 2007 to mark their 30th Anniversary and announce the return of - to quote Sir Cliff Richard - "the worst thing ever to happen to rock n roll."     The release of this amazing performance will not disappoint fans, as the Pistol's bone crunching performance is made sharper and clearer and louder than ever before, thanks to the amazing high audio and visual definition that Blu-ray delivers.     The venue is packed with Anarchists in the UK, both on-stage and in the audience, all determined to go wild and stick two fingers up at everyone, not least themselves. The legendary line-up may be older, (possibly) wiser and certainly fatter than before but their delivery is charged with energy and humour:     "I started out this evening fat but I've just lost 15 fucking pounds"     Johnny Rotten at his worst!     The Blu-ray features the gig in 77 minutes of madness together with over 90 minutes of bonus features, including the tour of 'The Sex Pistol's London', in which the band visit places and venues that shaped punk, with amazing archive footage and interviews.     Film maker Julien Temple, whose credits include, 'The Filth And The Fury' and 'Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten', said: "This is about the unique electricity between the Sex Pistols and their audience. The amazing cross section of the crowd at a Pistols gig is like no other, and the Brixton shows brought the band to a whole new generation as well as to those that have been there from the very beginning. There'll Always Be An England documents a unique band in every sense."     There'll Always Be An England (Track listing)     1.        Pretty Vacant   2.        Seventeen   3.        No Feelings   4.        New York   5.        Did You No Wrong   6.        Liar   7.        Beside The Seaside  8.        Holidays In The Sun   9.        Submission   10.      (I'm not your) Stepping Stone   11.      No Fun   12.      Problems   13.      God Save The Queen   14.       EMI   15.       Bodies   16.       Anarchy In The UK      Special Features (97 mins approx)     *        A unique guide to London by the Pistols *        John Lydon's open-top bus ride    PREORDER LINK!  
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