Better late thna Never-heres a review of the Ian Dury bio pic-out now!!!  Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll the movie       Sex & Drugs & Rock & RollŠ wasn¹t sure what to expect, but was definitely surprised by the amount of younger people in the audience as well as the older crowd.    The film starts off a little random but sets the style of switching between Dury¹s childhood and adult life. The graphics were super in places with cartoon images and acid like images on screen. The soundtrack was obviously fantastic, many shots of the band playing live to a crowd were mixed in amongst the drama.    The story line is based mostly around Dury¹s relationship with his son. The actor who plays his son is fantastic, as is the boy who plays Dury as a child. Andy Serkis shines in the lead role and captures the mayhem and emotion throughout the film. He shows Dury as he was, a true genius bit totally self obsessed and everything had to be his way or no way.   I enjoyed this film a lot more than I expected. A moving drama, a great rock & roll rollercoaster, and a lot of amusing banter in between!   Words by Dod & Sally M 
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