Brummie proto-punks BLACK BOMBERS are back with a brand new video which they're premiering with Vive Le Rock!

A scathing commentary on HM Government's failings of the past few years, including their handling of the Covid pandemic, the release of 'The Price' serendipitously falls on the day former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is called before the Covid Inquiry.

"The running of the country seemed like a game show," comments singer/guitarist Alan Byron. "Matt Hancock appearing on reality TV months after the song was penned only seemed to confirm that. A huge part of the population seeming blind to the culling of the most vulnerable - and of the VIP lane making obscene amounts of money out of PPE.

"On a personal level, the band lost several loved ones, parents, life-long friends, and had to deal with all the restrictions around hospital visiting and funerals - basically, following all the rules that, in time, we found the lawmakers were breaking themselves. 'The Price' expresses all of that anger and frustration."

The single is taken from the band's forthcoming second full-length album Vive La Révolution, their first to feature former UK Subs and Godfathers guitarist Steve Crittall. The 10-track album was recorded at London's Space Eko East studio and co-produced by Crittall and Alex McGowan (Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind, Urban Voodoo Machine).

Vive La Revolution is set for release on 26 January through Easy Action Records and is available to pre-order here. A handful of pre-release copies will be available when they play The Hare & Hounds, Birmingham this Sunday 10 December - tickets

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