After the threat of closure for London's legendary punk/rock venue 100 CLUB, a Facebook site with more than 12,000 supporters and messages of support from the likes of Glen Matlock, Mick Jones and Paul Weller, you can help to save the venue. They're trying to raise half a million pounds by late November to keep the venue's doors open as a non-profit making collective.

The Save The 100 Club group, completed by Tony Morrison and Craven Brides' manager Rob Ryan, hope to plan a board of Trustees elected by the donors to run the venue. A donation entitles any donor to an equal say in decisions. They also hope to raise further finance from sponsorship, charities and merchandise.

Long Tall Short drummer Jim Piddington (one of the duo behind the Facebook appeal) explained:

"the only way the 100 Club's gonna stay open is with a large injection of cash and that has to be pledged by November 15, 2010 if the club is to have any chance at all. Pledges can be made by visiting The minimum donation is just £10 but the sky is the limit."

Get involved and save the 100 Club!

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