Rock'n'roll art extravaganza!

R.A.R.E : Rock And Roll Expressionists
30.11.09 – 4.12.09 @ Resistance Gallery London

As the nights draw in and the temperature disappears into the minuses there isn’t much to inspire us Londoners to enter out into the dark ripperesque streets of East London. However at the wonderfully unique Resistance Gallery, a group of musicians come artists come musicians have something very special in store to show you - so why not come and take a peek?

Its not often that you can go to an exhibition where the artists themselves are nearly as exciting to look at as the exhibits on display. So imagine being in a room with the offspring of a legendary bank robber who specializes in the ancient art of death masks and who also happens to be in Alabama 3? Or how about meeting a modern day dandy, the original Dog D’amour, whose worldly travels, wild imagination and wayward experiences are intrinsically exorcised through his poetry, songs and exquisite artwork? What about meeting the former lady punk whose sultry dark eyes and bass lines were the epitome of cool in The Adverts back in ’77? and whose dreams and nightmares are retold through her unique art sometimes with the use of human remains? Then there is always the chance of meeting the iconic godfather of all things rockabilly merchandise-wise and whose midas touch has left its mark on practically every cool cat in Camden Town and who also does the odd gig or two with the Boneshakers? And last but not least how about having a drink with a geezer who is not only the guitarist of more bands than you can count on one hand - but whose tattoo stained glass designs are so dastardly - that if the devil had a church he would get this guy to do the windows?

Sound Tempting? Then come , see the work and hear the sounds of The Rock And Roll Expressionists.

This week long bonanza of aural pleasure and visual glory will begin on the evening of Monday 30th November (invite only) featuring The RARE house band!
Tuesday 1st – The Loyalties + Vince Ray and the Boneshakers
Wednesday 2nd - TV Smith (the Adverts) + Nick Reynolds, Alabama 3 (plus special guests)
Thursday 3rd – Tyla and the Dogs
Friday 4th – The event concludes with the return of the RARE house band and an extra late bar!!!

The event is sponsored by Triibe, so there will be complimentary drinks on certain nights.
For guaranteed admission to a specific night – email
Put ‘tickets please’ in the subject bar and give your name(s) for the guest list.

This is a RARE chance to see Rock’n’Roll art in a Rock’n’Roll enviroment.

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