Brilliantly-named L.A garage-rockers NEVERLAND RANCH DAVIDIANS have unveiled a first single from their forthcoming debut album.

A throbbing slab of down'n'dirty garage rock'n'roll, 'Rat Patrol' is taken from the trio's self-titled album which is due out in the new year through Heavy Medication Records.

Shunning bass, the Davidians were put together by guitarist and singer Tex Mosley, an alumnus of Philly Afro-punks Pure Hell. Relocating to L.A., he hooked up with guitarist Will Bentley and drummer Max Hagen on the LA club scene, forcing punk, funk and blues through a garage-rock blender. 

“I’ve always loved the minimalism of Suicide, and that less-is-more approach is hardwired into the Davidians’ DNA," Mosley explains. "That’s probably why we never bothered recruiting a bass player. We’re huge fans of The Cramps and The Gories, neither of which had bass players, so we didn’t feel we needed one either.”

The trio's name, in case it hadn't clicked, is a reference to both the Prince of Pop, Michael Jackson and 'Waco Saviour' David Koresh.


Neverland Ranch Davidians is scheduled for the release on vinyl, CD and download on 20 January. It's available to pre-order now from Bandcamp with 'Rat Patrol' and 'Aqua Velveteen' as instant downloads.

Neverland Ranch Davidians

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