RICH RAGANY & THE DIGRESSIONS have just dropped another new video.

'How Much Of Me Is You?' is taken from the London band's latest album What We Do (To Not Let Go). The inventive and eyecatching video is the work of Craig Temple.

"No matter how much you try, sometimes the people you want to accept you just won't,” explains Ragany about the song. “You can poison yourself with the elixir of their love... Get addicted to the turmoil...This is about, in sound and lyrics, letting go and tearing away. Now doesn't that feel better? How much of me is you? Not enough I guess. What a fuckin' mess..."

Following on from 2021's Between Nostalgia And Heartache, the band take a slightly different tack on the new album. “As Nostalgia…. had that wide-screen depth and cinematic feel,” he explains. “I decided to lay down a new approach. Gone were layering guitars and keys, in with punchy one takes... everyone getting one shot... everybody gets one job (Gaff is lead guitar, Kit rhythm for example no layers... just the parts), solos are solid takes and not pieced together. This to me would ensure that everyone's personality would shine right through while making the songs far more immediate and vital. If it's one thing I've learned while being incredibly lucky to work with the Digressions, it's that they have a ton of personality.

“After writing, recording our Beyond Nostalgia And Heartache album through the pandemic I felt we were on an incredible creative roll," he continues. "So just before the release of Nostalgia... I booked time again with Andy at The Brook Studios in Wallington Rock City. I had the songs and the band had grown into something very special. We had to keep going, which felt natural. What you get is a muscular yet melodic, anthemic rock'n'roll album. A new way of telling our story. One I can say I am so proud to be part of.”


Released through Barrel & Squidger Records, What We Do (To Not Let Go) is available here.

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