SHUDDER TO THINK spin-off QUIZ SHOW have a new single which they're premiering with Vive Le Rock!

A founder member of the Dischord-signed Washington DC post-hardcore band, Chris Matthews relocated to Montclair, New Jersey and  formed Quiz Show in 2017, roping in fellow STT members Kevin March and Jesse Krakow along he way, although March has since made way for drummer Joe Billy.

'Sound Of Kissing' is taken from the trio's self-titled debut album which also features the band's previous singles recorded with award-winning producer Ray Ketchem (Guided By Voices, Gramercy Arms, Mink Lungs).

"This is our first album!" chirrups Matthews. "Quiz Show has been making music since 2017 and put out most of the songs on this release as singles between 2017 and 2020. We are releasing them now after remixing and remastering all of the songs to freshen them up and so they can document the origin story of Quiz Show in a single package. This release also brings these songs under the amazing umbrella of the Magic Door record label.

"Quiz Show songs come together when ideas voiced through the guitars are set to rhythms constructed on the bass and drums," he continues. "Lyrics come after the melodies, which themselves often emerge while Chris is driving around. These songs were created in the in-between spaces of complicated lives. We cherish this work and the feelings it describes."

'Sound Of Kissing' is available to stream/download from Apple, Spotify and all the usual platforms.

Out on 17 March through Magic Door Records, Quiz Show is available to pre-order from Bandcamp.


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 Pic by Phil Silverberg

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