Special Deal = Free Tickets for Bob Slayer's Punk Rock Comedy - SE1 Next Gig - This Thursday 25th March   Rock & Roll comedy with genuine comedy legends alongside the most individual, subversive and talented up and coming acts. This is raw comedy that embraces the unexpected and channels the early days of Alternative Comedy where there were no rules, no limits and no refunds!   FREE TICKETS The first response to this email (along with 4 others picked at random) will get a pair of tickets FREE  ALL responses will get: 50% Off tickets for all your party (i.e. Unlimited £5 tickets - Usually £10 - for anyone who is with you) (If you cannot use this offer why not send it to a friend who might not be on our list)  HOW Send us an email to book yourself in And then print and bring this email along to get your discount (must arrive before 7:00pm)   NEXT GIG This Thursday 25th March - Scott Capurro - delightfully shocking Perrier Award winner goes deeper than any other comic!! - Simon Donald - The founder and ex Editor of Viz Magazine - like watching Viz come to life www.bobslayer.com/comedy <http://t.ymlp189.com/ubwacamuhapajuywacahbus/click.php>   ³Scott Capurro is one of the few genuinely challenging acts out there a thoughtful, intelligent comic whose act has far more to it than pure shock value. Camp, crude and incredibly funny.² Time Out   "THE ONLY COMEDY CLUB ON THE SOUTHBANK" Boris Johnson   Double Cheers   
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