Former PSYCHIC TV man Edley ODowd has a new band and has begun work on their debut album.

SCORPION TEA have just signed to the GIVE/TAKE label and a preparing for a release later this year.

A former member of infamous NYC rockers Toilet Böys, drummer and DJ ODowd was crucial to Genesis Breyer P-Orridge's relaunching the band and they continued to collaborate for fourteen years.

The new band sees ODowd joined by Christian Cruz, singer/lyricist Anthony Diaz and bassist Fern Puma, intent on slaking "their collective thirst for punk, goth, death rock, and city pop..."

"I am beyond thrilled to share my new project Scorpion Tea with the world," announces ODowd. "During a trip to Colombia last year to see my friend Chris, we realized that we had independently been working on material that the other had never heard. Once we realized what we had, we wrote a few more tunes together, then head right into Los Angeles’ Studio 22 in to get tape rolling with Thomas Dolas (Osees, Mr. Elevator) at the mixing desk. The result is a hard-edged, death rock album that takes the listener on a visceral journey. These recordings are so thick with cool details and surprises, that it takes many listens to absorb it all. Even more exciting is the idea of presenting this material live. Our incredible video editor is hard at work developing our our epic visual backdrops."


Scorpion Tea on Facebook

Pic by Armand Egidi

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