The Rock Against Racism movement is to be celebrated with a pair of punky reggae parties in Brighton and London in March and April.

Founded in 1976, RAR was formed as a reaction to the rise of the right-wing National Front in the UK and specifically to Eric Clapton's infamous pro-Enoch Powell rant at a gig in Birmingham.

Alongside the Anti-Nazi League, RAR gathered steam throughout the late 70s, bringing together punk and reggae musicians and many others, staging how profile gigs and carnivals, including a 100, 000 strong event in East London's Victoria Park in April '78, featuring The Clash, Steel Pulse, Tom Robinson Band, X-Ray Spex and others.

The event at The Dome in Brighton on 28 March will feature Jamaican ska legends THE SKATALITES, RUTS DC - one of the first punk bands to incorporate reggae into their sound, MISTY IN ROOTS - on whose People Unite label The Ruts released their debut single, and THE MEMBERS. Tickets for the event are available here.

Then on 3 April, The Skatalites, Ruts DC and The Members will be appearing at The Electric, Brixton, where they'll be joined by 'Pass The Dutchie' hitmakers MUSICAL YOUTH. Tickets are on sale here.

Ruts DC photo provided courtesy of Raven, with apologies.

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