PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED   30TH ANNIVERSARY REMASTERED EDITION OF ŒMETAL BOX¹   PLUS REISSUE OF ŒPLASTIC BOX¹ To coincide with PiL¹s first tour in 17 years, on 14th December a special 3-CD remastered set of the band¹s groundbreaking ŒMetal Box¹ album will be released.   Released in its original metal canister form in 1979, ŒMetal Box¹ was the band¹s second album following their ŒFirst Issue¹ debut. Built around the musical idiosyncrasies of founding members John Lydon, Jah Wobble and Keith Levene, ŒMetal Box¹ saw the band push and punish the boundaries of rock and post punk, creating an artistically uncompromising and challenging masterpiece.   An avant garde and confrontational album, ŒMetal Box¹ crystallised the three band members tastes ­ Lydon¹s brutally poetic lyrics and vocal performances over Wobble¹s dub reggae-inspired basslines (locked-down by the drumming of Dave Humphrey and Richard Dudanski) and Levene¹s metallic guitar sound ­ creating a genuinely timeless record. The album touches on themes of resentment and murder, as well as incredibly personal experiences (Lydon¹s stark and harrowing vocal regarding his dying mother on ŒSwan Lake¹, an alternate version of the single ŒDeath Disco¹).  Its lasting influence can be heard in the work of band¹s as diverse as Massive Attack, Manic Street Preachers and Primal Scream.   The remastered edition will, for the first time ever, be released as the original vinyl was, in a 3-CD set, in a metal canister.   On the same day the 4-CD compilation ŒPlastic Box¹ will be re-released. ŒPlastic Box¹ is a career-spanning collection of 64 tracks including rarities such as Peel Sessions and remixes.   December tour dates: 15th   Birmingham Academy 18th   Glasgow Academy 19th   Manchester Academy 21st   Brixton Academy, London 22nd  Electric Ballroom, London    tracklistingsŠ   Metal Box:  CD1:  Albatross Memories  Swan Lake CD2: Poptones Careering No Birds Graveyards The Suit CD3: Bad Boy  Socialist Chant Radio 4                            Plastic Box:  CD1: Public Image The Cowboy Song Theme Religion I Religion II  Annalisa Low Life Attack Poptones (BBC Peel Session) Careering (BBC Peel Session) Chant (BBC Peel Session) Death Disco (12² Remix) 1/2 Mix Megamix No Birds Do Sing Memories  CD2: Another  Albatross Socialist The Suit Bad Baby Radio 4 Pied Piper Flowers of Romance Four Enclosed Walls Phenagen Track 8 Hymie¹s Him  Under The House Banging The Door Go Back  Francis Massacre Home Is Where The Heart Is         CD3:  This Is Not a Love Song (12² Remix) Blue Water Bad Life (Single version) Question Mark  Solitaire Tie Me To The Length Of That Where Are You?  The Pardon 1981 The Order of Death F.F.F. Rise Fishing  Round Home Ease    CD4: Seattle Angry The Body (US 12² Mix) Selfish Rubbish  Disappointed Happy Warrior (12² Extended Version) USLS 1 Don¹t Ask Me Criminal  Luck¹s Up God Cruel (BBC Mark Goodier Session) Acid Drops (BBC Mark Goodier Session) Love Hope (BBC Mark Goodier Session) Think Tank (BBC Mark Goodier Session)                                                    
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