If you've seen the superb SLITS documentary Here To Be Heard, you'll understand the significance of bassist Tessa Pollitt's scrapbook, which charts the life of the band from 1976 through a goldmine of cuttings, photographs and notes.
Now Vive Le Rock's book publishing arm Extradition Books has recreated that very document in all its glory. The 72-page replica contains dozens of contemporary reviews, interviews and news items from the likes of Sounds, NME, Melody Maker and Zig Zag, not to mention various horrified tabloids! There's also numerous gig fliers and colour photographs documenting this unique band.
Says Tessa, “I started collecting cuttings from the old press (no internet in those days!) from 1976 onwards. This was the scrapbook era. I also loved taking photos from childhood, and have continued on an instamatic camera ever since, some of these included in this scrapbook. It was [director] William Badgley’s idea to use my scrapbook as a starting point to base the documentary around, an idea that proved to be successful. I hope you enjoy the insight into the story of The Slits and the visuals, which include personal photos from Palmolive, Christine Robertson (our manager) and myself. The Slits exist. Yours truly - Tessa Pollitt.”
The Slits - News, Cuttings & Scraps is available now priced £25, including a DVD of the Here To Be Heard film from Vive Le Shop.

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