Your guide to this month's free Vive Le Rock covermount CD (free with issue no. 10, up for pre-order now!)...

1. LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH – The Gospel Truth Things Go Bump 

Taken from the new boxset, 'The Gospel Truth', to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the formation of the group in 1982. 'Things Go Bump', a Stiv Bator/Brian James composition, was originally issued on a 12” single only called 'Psycho Sex' on a small label in 1988. Here it is, presented fully remastered. 

2. PIPES AND PINTS – Never Let You Down    
Prague's Pipes And Pints are one of Europe's finest folk punk bands, as shown by this rowdy sing-along from their mighty rabble-rousing second album, 'Found And Lost'. Fronted by gritty-voiced Californian Syco Mike, this is one for fans of Flogging Molly, The Pogues and The Dropkick Murphys.

3. THE GO GO CULT – My Baby Drives A UFO   
From a heavily armed farmhouse in the swamplands of Reading crawl The Go Go Cult, raise on a diet of chicken bones and oxyacetylene. One of the latest releases from the Western Star stable is their warped debut album 'Into The Valley Of The Go Go Cult', which includes this psycho-garage voodoo romp!

4. CHRIS POPE – Mutiny On The Thames  

Having played in mod punks The Chords (1979-'81), Agent Orange, Gatecrash Heaven and Pope, singer/songwriter Chris Pope is still going strong. This new single from his forthcoming 2013 album 'Peace Of Mind' – recorded in tandem with The Chords touring – is another slice of mod rock heaven.


Taken from the seminal Irish singer/songwriter's eclectic fourth solo album, 'Subliminal Alienation', this raw acoustic track was actually written by Fitzgerald back in '78. Expect the unexpected on his compelling new record, he's still a unique and gifted artist.

6. BLACKBOMBERS – Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah  
Describing themselves as “revisionists not revivalists”, this Southern English garage/rock 'n' roll band draws from past decades but doesn't sound dated. This track is taken from debut album 'Outlaw' but they're heading back into the studio to record the second album in December. We can't wait.

7. THE JIM JONES REVUE – Never Let You Go     

With their new third album, London's wild garage rock 'n' roll heroes expand on their signature sound but this hellraising track proves they can still kick out the jams with the best of 'em. One of the most underrated bands in the world right now, The Jim Jones Revue are here to claim your (cheatin') heart.

8. THE DESTRUCTORS – The End Of The World (Is Coming Today)    

The unstoppable Peterborough punk veterans march on with this raucous blast of old school punk from their new album, '121212 (Ragnarok)', completing another hectic year of releases and relentless gigging for them. What's that? Slow down? Not likely, they're sounding better than ever!

9. THE FUCKWITS – Fun Police   

Formed in 2005 and influenced by seminal '70s bands, this quartet keep things punk as fuck. The opening track from their 2011 self-titled album, 'Fun Police' is a lairy but anthemic track and The Fuckwits have begun writing for the next record, which we're sure will be just as old school. You've been warned, punk!

10. THE REVERENDS – Give It Up Son    

Formed in 2010 in Derby, this hard-hitting old school punk four-piece mix catchy hooks and snarling melodies with aplomb. Taken from their debut album, 'The New Addicted', released in Summer 2012, fans of UK Subs and 999 need to check out The Reverends as they play shows around the UK.

Bursting with a groove-laden energy and a blues/garage sound, 'Testify' is an aptly titled swaggering song from this soul saving Bath trio's 2012 debut 'The Church Of Yeah!' Heading back into the studio to record their second album in 2013, there's plenty more to come. Hallelujah! 

12. MARK VENNIS & DIFFERENT PLACE – Portsdown Hill  

An ode to the highs and lows of growing up near Portsmouth, this opening track from 'Unchartered Water, Faded Glory and Other Stories' is a soulful/indie rock 'n' roll track from Mark Vennis and his band, Different Place. With two Strummerfests under their belts, this is the real deal. 

13. FLIPRON – Round And Round The Sun  

Flipron's fourth full-length, 'Firework Shoes', released in November, is their strongest album yet. Produced by none other than Damned drummer Rat Scabies, this track is a weird and wonderful psychedelic power-pop tune that proves why they're one of the most intriguing and original bands in the UK.

14. THE NOVEMBER FIVE – Here We Come    

Closing the CD are one of the capital's most exciting bands, London soul rockers The November Five. The powerful opening track from their mighty new debut album, 'If You're Satisfied You Are Dead', it's Joy Division meets Edwyn Collins meets The Stooges. A new single is out in February with live dates to follow.

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