Tribute to STEPHEN MARSDEN ...with the Androidss

Stephen Marsden, anarchic singer for late 70s Christchurch punk rock new wave rock and roll band The Androidss sadly departed this mortal coil in early March. Stephen wrote the anthemic  Auckland Tonight and is fondly remembered by family, friends and fans with smiles and quite often an extraordinary tale or two! .
We remember Stephen in an appropriate manner with a rock and roll send off this Saturday night at the Bacco Room (under the Monte Cristo Room 51-53 Nelson Street City) with ...
The Androidss 
The Spelling Mistakes 
The Newmatics 
Chris Matthews (and his Robot Monkey Orchestra) 

Admission is free, though donations gladly received , and doors at 8pm ˆ with first band on at 9pm

Mark Wilson formed the Androidss with Stephen and remembers him accordingly -
    Raging at the Gresham Tavern with The Basket Cases  when Zephyrs and Cortinas were polluting the atmosphere was cool but nothing compared to The Androidss! In 1978 the party hit the road! Stephen and Eric Marsden(identical twins),  Mark and Neil Spence, Aurthur Manawatu, Frank Stenjes, and myself  threw  together some tunes. Armed with pot, alcohol, guitars and attitude we created a repertiore of Iggy, Bowie, Mick Jagger , Lou Reed ,Blondie,Magazine covers mixed with my eclectic soul searching  originals.  Aurthur left  so Steve and I fronted the band. Playing around Christchurch to small audiences  soon lead to us play support for NZ touring bands such as the Dudes , Toy Love and The Swingers. Iggy Pop(James Osterburg) himself saw us perform his songs at the British Hotel in Lyttelton. Stephen and I sat with him and drank  whisky .The press quoted him to say" They're tough as bitches but they're beautiful"!
       Next we headed for Auckland . Androidss suck! was the cry from  local punks, skinheads and bootboys,fagends  flicked in our faces  as we forged our way into the Auckland scene . Shaving off  to create a new image, we fitted into the  punk scene and the arty new wave culture. This inspired Stephen to write Auckland Tonight! Packing out the "Rhumba Bar", photos in magazines and  posters catapulted our popularity and after  touring back to Christchurch headlining  gigs we recorded our one and only record.  Stephens "Auckland Tonight" and my song  "Getting Jumpy" went  to NO 18 on NZ charts! Steves song was put to video for the popular show "Droppa Kulcha"! We had sort of made it!                                                                                                 Lliving  the Rock'nRoll lifestyle took its toll and we disbanded! The party was over! Mark split to London,  I got married and the others stayed in Auckland eventually coming back to Christchurch, except Steve whom lived the rest of his days devoted  to his wife Andrea.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     I am grateful to have had these experiences with Steve. His incredible enthusiasm and energy coupled with his  humour gave me something to hang off; flanking him on his right with my guitar while he sang and I played my solos. I will never forget those times. Last year Stephen got up and sang with the new millenium Androidss.  LiberateThe Androidss!

                                                 For Stephen May God Bless him.
                                                                                                                         Mark Wilson
The Androidss were one of New Zealands greatest punk/new wave bands. If you can -check them out on you tube or hunt out their record.Eugene Vive Le Punk

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