The U.K. Subs Time & Matter website is pleased to announce the launch of our 'not for profit company' Time & Matter Recordings.  T&M exists purely to put out previously un-released or no longer available U.K. Subs material on CD and DVD (and possibly other formats) with 100% of the profits going to a charity or individual personally chosen by Charlie Harper, further details of which can be found on the website.  Our first release is a CD re-issue of the legendary 1980 bootleg ³Dance & Travel In The Robot Age², available for just £5-00 (plus postage).  Originally released in 1980 by Black & White Recs (from the Isle of White in the UK), the recording was made by the late Tracy Crazy, from the Italian punk band S.I.B, who also took the photographs used on the cover.  The gig where the recording was made, at the Palalido in Milan, Italy was part of a seven date European tour that the Subs played with the Ramones.  Now, thirty years later, this historic recording is finally getting a proper CD release. Whilst not recorded with the most sophisticated equipment, and reproduced for this release from an original vinyl copy, "Dance & Travel" captures the Subs at the height of their powers with a blistering set of what would become the classics that are the mainstay of their live performances to this day.  Time & Matter Recordings now gives you the opportunity to own this essential U.K. Subs bootleg in digital format.  This attractively produced CD features exclusive liner notes by Paul Slack, a 4 page booklet with artwork from the original bootleg release and exclusive Black & White band member profile photographs  originally used on the back cover of the Warhead 7" single, seen here in their original uncropped, untreated form.  Limited edition of 300 hand numbered copies.  Recorded: 16 February 1980  Track listing: You Can't Take It Anymore / Rat Race / I Couldn't Be You / I Live In A Car / Tomorrows Girls / Telephone Numbers / Kicks / Warhead / Public Servant / C.I.D. / Rockers / Organised Crime / Brand New Age / Killer / Dirty Girls / Stranglehold / Emotional Blackmail  Band Line Up: Charlie Harper - vocals / Nicky Garratt - guitar / Paul Slack - bass / Pete Davies - drums  Grab yourself a real bargain, and it's for charity as wellŠ  Coming soon ­ ³Soft Lights & Loud Guitars² - a UK Subs DVD from their gig in Southampton, UK, December 2009, with many extras and additional featuresŠ    
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