Hotshot blues-punk duo J.D. HANGOVER are set to reissue their acclaimed debut mini-album on vinyl next month. 

The pair, from Florence, Italy - who have been likened to Suicide meets Lightnin' Hopkins - originally surfaced during autumn last year with the original CD, cassette and download release through Italy’s Annibale label.

Since then, they’ve played several high profile shows with the likes of BOSS HOG, LYDIA LUNCH, PiL and a gig at London’s Borderline with THE SCIENTISTS.

Following a string of uniformly excellent reviews, the release has been picked up Berlin label Hound Gawd! – responsible for releases by THE FUZZTONES, TH' LEGENDARY SHACKSHAKERS and JIM JONES & THE RIGHTEOUS MIND - who decided to give it a vinyl release in honour of those classic 12” mini-albums popular in the 80s.

J.D. Hangover is a spin-off project of Stiv Cantarelli and Roberto Villa from STIV CANTARELLI & THE SILENT STRANGERS - Italy’s answer to The Gun Club – whose most recent album, Banks Of The Lea, received considerable praise on its release in 2014.

"When you start something out of nothing, solely based on your feelings or on your needs in that single moment, it may not always be a joyful ride,” explains Cantarelli. “But when you see this thing grow, when you see that smile on the face of the people at gigs or the urge that they have to try to talk to you in order to get a piece of the action well, it makes you feel you're on the right path.

“It's been an interesting year for J.D.Hangover. We shared many stages with people that we used to listen when we were kids. We found a way to express ourselves in a way that never happend before: from the guts. Every night with a different output. Happy, sad, angry, hopeless. All ended up in the music we played. We met idols, followers, strangers, people who walked in by chance. And from all of them we managed to have a reaction. Ashtonishment, curiosity, excitement, loathing. Never indifference though, and that's our biggest achievement. We played from the heart to the heart, and we touched some. 'Cause, you know, we're all Frankies."

The six-track J.D. Hangover is set for release on 11 January and is available to pre-order here.

Check out the video for 'Barrelhouse Queen'...

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Pic by Chiara V Donati

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