The Feelies finally get reissued as Domino release ‘Crazy Rhythms’ and ‘The Good Earth’ - both out 26 October on Domino with deluxe packaging and bonus tracks -   Domino is proud to release two classic albums by the Feelies, the   much-loved group of hyperactive new wave/indie rockers from Haledon, New   Jersey who did much to influence the sound  of college radio in the   1980s, when they reissue ‘Crazy Rhythms’ and ‘The Good Earth’ on 26   October. Timed to follow their September All Tomorrows Parties   festival appearance in New York, where they will play ‘Crazy Rhythms’   in it’s entirety, this will be the first time both albums have been   available in over a decade.  Bonus material including demos, b-sides, EP tracks and new live   recordings will be included via download cards inserted into both LPs   and CDs, which will also feature deluxe packaging with liner notes by   Jim Derogatis and Jim Sullivan.  Their debut album ‘Crazy Rhythms’ is a masterwork of perfectly honed   minimalist rock n roll that leaps and darts into the corners of the   listener’s consciousness, a true sonic achievement that Rolling Stone   called one of the 100 Best albums of the 1980s. Fans of the Velvet   Underground, Wire and Brian Eno’s early solo albums will surely   appreciate their forces at work.  It took the Feelies six years to create their follow-up album. 'The   Good Earth’ was co-produced by Feelies co-captains Glenn Mercer and   Bill Million along with REM’s Peter Buck, a Feelies admirer since his   days as a record store clerk. The album was an early release on   Coyote Records the label started by Steve Fallon of Maxwell’s in   Hoboken and featured the line-up that continues to this day.  “CRAZY RHYTHMS’ TRACKS The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness Fa Ce-La Loveless Love Forces At Work Original Love Everybody’s Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey) Moscow Nights Raised Eyebrows Crazy Rhythms BONUS DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD Fa Ce-La (Single Version) The Boy With the Perpetual Nervousness (Demo Version) Moscow Nights (Demo Version) Crazy Rhythms (Live) I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms (Live)  ‘THE GOOD EARTH” TRACKS On The Roof The High Road The Last Roundup Slipping (Into Something) When Company Comes Let’s Go Two Rooms The Good Earth Tomorrow Today Slow Down BONUS DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD She Said She Said (Previously only available on EP) Sedan Delivery (Previously only available on EP) Slipping (Into Something) (Live)  
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