VICE SQUAD release their brand new album PUNK ROCK RADIO, the follow up to the highly acclaimed LONDON UNDERGROUND album of 2009.  Tracks include 'Stuck In Reverse', 'Punk Rock Radio', 'Punk Is The Blues', 'Sick Of Being Poor', 'Seventies Misogyny', 'End Of The Line', 'Advance Britannia', 'LA Low', 'Him Indoors', 'Punk Rocker', 'Done Before', 'Are You Looking At me' and 'UK OK'. Songs tackle serious subjects as diverse as the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, sexism and the recession as well as tongue-in-cheek pops at slobs ('Him Indoors') and gloomy Brits invading California ('LA Low').  The band retain their trade mark less-than-three minutes fusion of power and melody and merge memorable riffs with incisive lyrics and lush backing vocals. There are a few surprises, notably 'Advance Britannia' which features an orchestra and a chorus to stir the hearts of many a disillusioned UK inhabitant, our new National Anthem perhaps?  The sleeve and 12 page booklet has been put together by the highly talented designer Barry Kade and the artwork has been drawn by the amazing American artist Landon Armstrong.  PUNK ROCK RADIO is only available on the band's own DIY label 'Last Rockers Records' via and at the band's live performances. Punk Rock Radio comes in 3 different packages: album CD plus sticker and badge, album CD plus limited edition 4 track numbered CD EP and album CD , limited edition numbered CD EP and t-shirt in a size of your choice.  To pre-order your copy please click here:
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