More news on the forthcoming Urban Dogs album... from  THE BRILLIANT UK SUBS WEBSITE -

Charlie has confirmed to Time & Matter website that the new Urban Dogs album is very nearly fully mixed, and has also confirmed that the likely album title is going to be UNDERDOGS. Some of the songs are accoustic versions of Tomorrows Girls, War Babies and Warhead, as well as a cover of Hobo's Lullaby, which is a an old folk song covered by a few of Charlie's musical heroes, including Woody Guthrie and Ramblin' Jack Elliot. The opening line of Hobo's Lullaby is "Go to sleep, you weary hobo, let the town drift slowly by; listen to the steel rails humming, that's the hobo's lullaby."
Harper historians will know that one of Charlie's bands in the 1970s was called the Steel Hummers, who were named from these song lyrics. One of the brand new songs is called Not In Our Name, and there are also plans for a follow up Urban Dogs album in the not too distant future!

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