SUZI QUATRO    IN THE SPOTLIGHT   (CHERRY RED RECORDS - 29TH AUGUST 2011)   In The Spotlight is the brand new studio album from Suzi Quatro. With this album Suzi goes back to basics to where it all began for her, with good, honest rock and roll.   In The Spotlight also sees the reunion of Suzi with Mike Chapman who told her ³I know how to produce your next album², which is evident on hearing the music here. A tour de force in British pop music in the 1970s and beyond, Mike Chapman, along with Nicky Chinn, produced major hits for Suzi, including Can The Can, 48 Crash and Devil Gate Drive.   In The Spotlight features eleven tracks, including some excellent cover versions which Suzi obviously enjoys sinking her teeth into; there¹s a tough, acerbic rendition of Rhianna¹s Breakin¹ Dishes and on her take of Goldfrapp¹s Strict Machine she drops in a not-so-subtle nod to her 1973 hit Can The Can, referencing the distinctive riff common to both records (although Can The Can obviously came first)! Reaching further back, there¹s also a cover of Hard Headed Woman (Elvis, King Creole) ­ when they came to record this track, Suzi recalls that although her young backing group were all excellent musicians, she was concerned that even though they could play all the right notes, their Œfeel¹ might be off course. They all rose to the challenge, however and Suzi was impressed by their grasp of that old, original rock feel, something which can¹t be taught.   There¹s one bonus track on the album, not produced by Mike Chapman, that is Suzi¹s tribute to Elvis, Singing With Angels, which she recorded in Nashville; produced by Andy Scott with James Burton on guitar and The Jordanaires on backing vocals.   Suzi wants to tour the world with In The Spotlight, from the USA to Japan, the UK and Europe ­ ³everywhere². After that, she wants to tour the world again in 2014 to mark her 50th anniversary in the music business. Her motto is ŒRock Till You Drop¹ ­ as she says, ³Basically, I don¹t want to stop. My dad did his last gig at age 89, so I am still a baby!!²      SUZI QUATRO IN THE SPOTLIGHT (CDBRED511) CHERRY RED RECORDS 29TH AUGUST 2011 For further information/interviews etc. please contact: Dorothy Howe Press & Publicity Tel:  020 8995 3920  Email: Editor¹s Notes   Suzi Quatro has sold in excess of 50 million records worldwide. In the UK she has had 18 hit singles, including 2 No. 1s (Can The Can and Devil Gate Drive). From 1973-1979, Suzi featured in the British charts for no less than 101 weeks. In Australia it was 18 hit singles with 3 No. 1s, whilst in Germany the total was 18 chart entries, with 12 of them reaching the Top 10.   Suzi Quatro was the most successful female artist of the entire Glam Rock period and is an acknowledged influence on many female rock musicians, including Chrissie Hynde, Joan Jett and The Runaways.   With nigh on 40 years in show business, Suzi has taken on numerous acting roles, including the TV shows Happy Days, Minder, Dempsey & Makepeace, Absolutely Fabulous and Midsomer Murders. There have also been highly successful musical stage roles, including Annie Get Your Gun and Tallulah Who? Recently she appeared in the play, Exonerated, alongside Charles Dance.   Suzi has ventured into the world of broadcasting with very successful shows on BBC Radio 2, including Rockin¹ With Suzi Q and Wake Up Little Suzi. Looking forward, Suzi has recorded a series of 2-hour high profile documentaries on some of her favourite artists, including Elvis Presley, Otis Redding, Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. These will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 later this year and repeated in succession from 28th December to 2nd January.   Suzi continues to tour and does over 100 shows a year all over the world. On retiring, she has this to say; ³When I turn my back on the audience and shake my ass, and there is silenceŠ..I¹ll stop.²     
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