STREET DOGS READY FIFTH STUDIO ALBUM FOR AUGUST 30   The Boston bred punk band Street Dogs <> return to champion the working class and to re-ignite punk rock with their finest and most urgent record to date, their self-titled fifth studio album, due out on August 30 via Hellcat Records.   Co-produced by bass player Johnny Rioux and Rick Barton and engineered and mixed by Jason Livermore (Rise Against, NOFX) at the infamous punk rock recording studio The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO., the self-titled Street Dogs album is a vigorous testament to the band¹s longevity and ability to write inspiring punk rock that touches the soul and raises the fists.   Having spent time as a soldier in Gulf War and serving his community as a firefighter, the original Dropkick Murphys¹ singer Mike McColgan sings from experience and from the heart on punk anthems like ³Rattle And Roll,² ³Up The Union,² ³Yesterday² and ³The Shape of Other Men.²   ³We have songs about personal empowerment, personal freedom and the search for personal redemption on our record,² explains McColgan.  ³We have a song called ³Hang Em¹ High² that talks about the corruption of Bernie Madoff and a song called ³Wild In Portland² that speaks of economic downturn and it's fallout.²     ³There are also songs that eulogize our fallen friends who didn't fair too well in the game of life and songs that praise our family and our roots. And a song entitled ³Up The Union² for EFCA (Employee Free Choice Act) legislation which would make it less difficult for employees to organize labor unions and lessen the chance of employer reprisal for organizing. We¹ve got a Saturday night, punk rock throwdown anthem in our song ³Punk Rock And Roll² and with ³Rattle And Roll.²  I pay homage once again to Dorchester and Dot Rats!²   ³The album is self-titled because it¹s collectively as a group coming forward and saying this is our best and most definitive work so far.²   Punk rock runs deep in the veins of Street Dogs, with McColgan¹s uncompromising lyrics alongside bassist Johnny Rioux, guitarists Marcus Hollar and Tobe Bean III and drummer Paul Rucker¹s fist pumping street punk anthems.  The band burst onto the scene in 2002 and has released a string of classic albums including 2008¹s State of Grace.   After incessant tours around the world alongside bands like The Offspring, Alkaline Trio, Anti-Flag and headlining tours in US and Europe in support of State of Grace, Street Dogs will once again lead the fight against social and political injustices with their signature style of rabble rousing punk rock and the release of their fifth studio album on August 30.   Street Dogs Track Listing:   1.      Formation - 0:43  2.      Rattle And Roll - 1:50  3.      Up The Union - 2:28  4.      Punk Rock And Roll - 2:34  5.      The Shape Of Other Men - 2:24  6.      Yesterday - 2:25  7.      Too Much Information - 1:42  8.      Bobby Powers - 2:40  9.      In Stereo - 2:43  10.  Hang ŒEm High - 1:20  11.  Ghosts - 2:17  12.  Harpo - 2:12  13.  10 Wood Rd. - 2:21  14.  Portland - 2:21  15.  Freedom - 1:32  16.  Oh Father - 2:52  17.  Fighter - 3:12  18.  Poor, Poor Jimmy - 2:59    
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