The film’s directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard spoke of the impact the band and their music has had on them and their debut feature 20,000 Day On Earth since shooting Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds live at Sydney Opera house on their 2013 Push The Sky Away tour.
"’Jubilee Street’ forced its way into our film. We'd planned to end with ‘Push The Sky Away’ and it's pertinent lyrics about rock 'n' roll getting you right down to your soul; but after the band played ‘Jubilee Street’ at Sydney Opera House we didn't stand a chance. Only four songs in and there was Nick, transforming in front of us. Our lives haven't been the same since."
The film constructs a narrative and cinematic reality that seamlessly blends performance and storytelling with emotional truths. Neither a music documentary nor a concert film, 20,000 Days On Earth contains not just electrifying performances, but also keen insights into the creative process: we see a song grow from the tiniest of ideas sketched out by Cave in his office to a monstrous epic performed by the peerless Bad Seeds on stage at Sydney Opera House.
View the lyric video to “Give Us a Kiss” here:
Listen to Jubilee Street (live Sydney Opera House):
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds fifteenth studio album Push The Sky Away was released in 2013 to a chorus of laudatory global reviews, charting at number 1 in seven countries. With their recent US shows were extolled as “utterly spectacular” in NME, and hailed by their fans as their best yet, the Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds story continues to unfold and grow.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey, Thomas Wydler, Jim Sclavunos, Conway Savage, Barry Adamson and George Vjestica.

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