Kinks member Mick Avory has confirmed that the band are planning to release an album featuring old as-yet unreleased songs and possibly new material. The band, who officially split up in 1996, already have "eight tracks" lined up for a new LP, he said. "Things are always bubbling under or over with The Kinks," the drummer told "We are certainly doing another album. We've got old tracks which need to be baked. You have to go through this process to transfer them to digital, it's a bit of a process and you only get one shot at it." He added, "We've certainly got eight tracks we could use there, so we're going to have to do some more to make the numbers up for an album." Speaking about the problems between band members Ray and Dave Davies, Avory added that the delay in releasing the new album was because of the brothers' ongoing feud. "In our case it's Ray and Dave that have got to work together," he said. "Once they've slotted together, we can go ahead. All the while they are not wanting to do what the other wants to do, it goes nowhere."
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