Hello again folks!

We've just added another batch of white label test pressings to our eBay shop, click HERE to go there or on one of the pictures below. There's white labels up for grabs from Graham Day & The Gaolers, The Snivelling Shits, Sexton Ming, The Sick Things, Some Chicken, Television Personalities, Pete Molinari, The Budget Girls, Thee Headcoats, Billy & The MBEs  & Period Pains.



Also a quick reminder of our coloured vinyl reissue bonanza!

Coloured vinyl from Thee Headcoatees and Thee Headcoats

Due to popular demand we've repressed the following titles on lovely coloured vinyl -

Thee Headcoatees

Have Love Will Travel (RED VINYL)

Ballad Of The Insolent Pup (RED VINYL)

Bozstik Haze (RED VINYL)

Here Comes Cessation (RED VINYL)

Thee Headcoats

Headcoats Down! (WHITE VINYL)

The KIds Are All Square, This Is Hip! (WHITE VINYL)




Also coming soon is Thee Headcoatees - Sisters Of Suave (RED VINYL)

Billy Childish - Archive From 1959 (3LP)

This triple LP has been unavailable for a while but is now also back in stock.

More good news for Billy Childish fans - we have reissues due in the coming months from The Delmonas!

Plus new material due soon from Cowbell, Piney Gir, Cyanide Pills and the legendary Johnny Moped!

That's it for now!

Ian & Duncan



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