Thick as Thieves: A forthcoming book by Stuart Deabill and Ian Snowball about the solid bond between The Jam, their audience and associates
A Foreword by Paul Weller and contributions by Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton makes Thick As Thieves the first book in 29 years to feature all 3 members exclusively talking about The Jam and their relationship with the fans.
The book also has interviews with The Jam's former band mates, record sleeve designers, DJ's, Journalists, record producers, former school friends and the Saturday Kids themselves who have written their own stories on the impact, the cultural significance and genuine belief in a band that were more than just a band.
From the early 70's of Woking Working Men's Club to the last concert at Brighton in December 1982 the band's gigs, records ,look and meaning are extensively and uniquely documented.
From Boston USA to Belfast, from Edinburgh to Ealing, from Tokyo to Taunton the Jam moved the hearts and minds of many a teenager growing up in the late 70's and early 80's.
There are over 100 unseen photos in this book of the band and also personal photos of some of the contributors in teenage Mod attire.
Thick As Thieves will take you back to those heady days of £3 gigs, badly made tour t shirts, the hanging round the stage doors for a autograph, a glimpse or a nod from Kenny Wheeler or Paul's dad John to get in the soundcheck where your heroes where glad to see you and ask if you were ok, the rushing your money to the record shops on the day of a vinyl release, the sweat, the beautiful noise, the energy and thunder of those special nights where nothing came between us or the world. No personal situations.
The book, published by Marshall Cavendish, is out 20th September 2012
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