French punk vet NASTY SAMY has just unveiled his first ever solo album.

A ubiquitous presence on the French punk scene for more than twenty-five years with such bands as Second Rate, Hawaii Samurai, The Black Zombie Procession, Demon Vendetta and Hellbats, Samy is also a noted author and editor of punkzine Everyday Is Like Sunday.

Credited to NASTY S AND THE GHOST CHASERS, Waiting For The Last Gasp Of My Generation features 16 carefully chosen covers from the likes of The Gun Club, Supersuckers, Hard-Ons, Samhain, Agent Orange, Tumbleweed, Dag Nasty and Joy Division. Performing guitar and ass on all tracks, Samy is joined by guest vocalists from the cream of the French punk scene and further afield, including members of Burning Heads, Off Models, Dumbell, Second Rate, Vanilla Chainsaws, Teenage Renegade and more.

Released through Twenty Something, Waiting For The Last Gasp Of My Generation is available now from Bandcamp.

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