Mutiny Festival

Bridlington Spa, East Yorkshire
Date: 16th May 2009
£30 Adults
£20 under 16’s
Box Office: 01262 678258



Whilst many mainstream festivals are closing down in the credit crunch the punk festival scene is booming. Further proof of a strong grass roots sub-culture is provided by the latest addition to the scene calendar.


   Mutiny, named after UK punk rock heroes Goldblade’s recent top album, is based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire and looks set to be a big success. Promoted by two newcomers to the scene (Ant Hall and David Fisher) and fired by the DIY spirit of punk rock, it’s very much a fan’s event and looks set to be a big hit with hundreds of tickets being sought even before advertising began. Bands and fans are flying in from all over the world for this celebration of the roots radical.


   The one-day event will be held at the twenty million pound, newly re-furbished, Bridlington Spa in East Yorkshire. This is a part of the country that has traditionally been starved of pop culture but with excellent communications and plenty of accommodation; it is the perfect location for an event of this scale.


    An all day event (2pm till midnight) with a market place of stalls and a very strong and varied bill that encompasses old school punk, Ska and new generation UK bands…


Stiff Little Fingers

Neville Staple (Formerly of The Specials)

Anti-Nowhere League



Sonic Boom Six

Strawberry Blondes

Random Hand

Middle Finger Salute

Comply or Die

Play Daisy


    Tickets are £30, which will be for wristbands and re-entry. Further proof of the generational reach of new millennium punk rock is that under 16s are welcome (under adult supervision).


The festival cherishes the memory of Sophie Lancaster the ‘Goth’ girl who was beaten to death by ‘youths’ in a park in Bacup as she tried to stop the 5 youths who were attacking her partner, Rob. The event fully supports The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and S.O.P.H.I.E. campaign







 Because every time a kick and punch was aimed at Sophie and Rob it was aimed at the whole punk/Goth/alternative community and Sophie was part of our community.


    Sophie’s mother, Sylvia will be at the festival to speak to everyone like she had been doing at recent GoldBlade gigs


     The festival is a celebration of the community of punk rock, a scene that goes far deeper than the music. It celebrates its brilliant timeless music and the ability to unite people from all over the world with exciting bands that genuinely touch people with very little hype.

   If you want any more information please check out the festival website <>  (myspace) <>  or email David Fisher via <>  or <>



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