Serious Drugs -
Duglas and the Music of BMX Bandits
(Jim Burns) 93 mins
Shot and produced over four years Serious Drugs frames an affectionate portrait of BMX Bandits founder Duglas Stewart and his mission to save the world and himself one song at a time. Music.

(Hobbs, Sharples, Qian, Abdelnow & Call) 3 mins
An xperimental visual effects film produced at the University of Michigan. Music.

New Age Wage Slave
(Software) 4 mins
UK band Software collaborate with Sonodrome who make their own amazing instruments. Music.

Meghann Clancy - So What Now
(Software) 4 mins
Inspired by Jean Luc Godard’s classic scifi shocker Alphaville. Music.

I’ve Got Your Money
(Tom Ross) 3 mins
Video for Cult Artist The Wood For The Trees starring The Levantes Dance Theatre. Music.

Trollmors Vuggesang
(Joe Witney) 4 mins
A dissolute and drunken seaman growls a lullaby to a young lady. Music.

The Rhythm, The City, 7pm
(Tom Chimiak) 3 mins
When the Manchester School Of Samba practise, the city feels the rhythm. Music.

Modern Babylon
(Julien Temple)100 mins
The master filmmaker trains his eye onto London’s Countercultural past and present featuring many Portobello Film Festival regulars and introduced by Beat Poet Michael Horovitz and soundtrack composer J.C. Carroll and if we’re lucky the legendary Julien Temple himself.

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