While founded in 1985, Mucky Pup's 1989

release "A Boy In A Man's World, paved the way

for a lot of acts in the 90’s.

The New Jersey comedic hardcore metallists,

originally comprised of members Dan Nastasi (guitar),

John Milnes (drums), Chris Milnes (vocals), and Scott

LePage (bass), which led to numerous local shows

and two demos that sold well. This led to a deal with

the independent Torrid label, as the group issued

albums on a steady basis for the next ten years to


Although Mucky Pup never broke out of the

metal/hardcore underground in the U.S., they achieved

much greater success overseas in Europe. The group

split up by the late '90s, as founder Dan Nastasi (who

had left the group a few years prior) achieved a huge

success with a similarly styled outfit, Dog Eat Dog, in


Today 20 years after the release of "A Boy In A Man's

World", and this while the band's heading out to

Europe on tour, I Scream Records is proud to re-issue

this classic album together with the bands 1990 release

"Now". 29 songs, remastered, new artwork and all that

for the price of one (1) CD!

Re-issues of “A Boy In A Man’s World” and “Now”, a

total of 29 songs, all remastered, with new artwork, for

the price of 1 CD!

Formed in the mid-'80s, New Jersey comedic hardcore

metallists Mucky Pup, known for its schizophrenic

combi-nation of juvenile humor, political sarcasm,

and pounding riffs, paved the way for such future

juvenile acts as the Bloodhound Gang, and many

other acts in the 90’s.

Mucky Pup will embark on a European tour this Summer

to celebrate their 20th anniversary, performing songs

voted on by their fans. The band made one US

appearance in New Jersey on April 11, 2009, performing

to a sold out crowd, leaving everybody wanting for



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