Motorhead will headline the Friday at Bloodstock Open Air 2011, set to take place August 12th - 14th.

Closing the weekend’s proceedings, the legendary MOTÖRHEAD step up to make sure that BLOODSTÖCK 2011 ends with a suitable bang. One of the most successful bands the British rock scene has ever produced, MOTÖRHEAD have sold over 42 million albums worldwide, received the prestigious Grammy Award and sent several singles smashing into the UK Top 40 charts in their 36 years. But what they do best, as we all know, is play Rock’n’Roll, and what better place to deliver the goods than at the end of the most metal weekend in the British calendar. There is much to celebrate, as iconic frontman LEMMY warns:

‘Bloodstock is celebrating 11 years, Motörhead 36 years – Boys and girls, come and see, we will rock your fu**in’ ass’.

See you at Bloodstock!’

Possibly the biggest band to ever grace the grounds of CATTON HALL, MOTÖRHEAD’s headline set at BLOODSTÖCK 2011 will mark a standout moment in the festivals history, and with the promise of heavy hits like “Bomber”, “Overkill”, “Killed By Death” and “Ace Of Spades”, the loudest so far.


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