MORRISSEY LIMITED EDITION 7² VINYL BOX SETS:   - ŒTHE 7² SINGLES ¹88 ­ ¹91¹ (Release date: 12th October)   - ŒTHE HMV/PARLOPHONE SINGLES ¹91 ­ ¹95¹ (Release date: 2ndNovember)   For the first time in 14 years, some of Morrissey¹s best-loved singles will be made available in limited edition, 7-inch box sets.   Following The Smiths split in 1987, at the height of their creative powers and popularity, Morrissey lost his co-writer Johnny Marr in what is considered one of the most productive partnerships in British pop, leaving many to doubt his ability to continue. In February ¹88 Moz silenced his doubters with the release of his debut solo single ŒSuedehead¹; a slice of urgent, shimmering guitar-pop, featuring the Durutti Column¹s Vini Reilly and produced by Stephen Street. It went to No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart. This was followed by the No. 9 single ŒEveryday Is Like Sunday¹, considered by many his greatest song and described by the NME, in its Year in Review, as "The best No. 1 '88 never gave us." Morrissey¹s solo career had begun with two timeless, Top 10 singles.   Beginning with ŒSuedehead¹, The 7² Singles ¹88 ­ ¹91 runs chronologically and consists of 10 incredible singles, six of which were non-album releases (though some appeared on the 1990 compilation ŒBona Drag¹). As well as his first two singles, it also includes the highly acclaimed ŒThe Last Of The FamousŠ¹, ŒNovember Spawned A Monster¹, ŒPiccadilly Palare¹ and ends with ŒPregnant For The Last Time¹; the first single to feature his ongoing collaborator and musical director Boz Boorer who, along with guitarist Alain Whyte, added an American Rockabilly sound to Moz¹s distinctive jangle pop. B-sides include the self-deprecating ŒDisappointed¹, Moz¹s witty jibe at The Rolling Stones, ŒGet Off The Stage¹, his tribute to The Jam in his reworking of ŒThat¹s Entertainment¹, and an exquisite cover of indie-skinhead band Bradford¹s ŒSkin Storm¹.   The HMV/Parlophone Singles ¹91 ­ ¹95 consists of nine singles. Beginning with ŒMy Love Life¹, it moves through three singles from the Mick Ronson-produced Œ92 album Your Arsenal ­ ŒWe Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful¹, ŒYou¹re The One For Me, Fatty¹ and ŒCertain People I Know¹ ­ on to what¹s considered by many his greatest album - and final for Parlophone - Vauxhall and I, with singles ¹The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get¹ and ŒHold On To Your Friends¹. Also included is the ¹94 duet with Siouxsie Sioux, ŒInterlude¹, and non-album singles ¹Boxers¹ and ¹Sunny¹, which indicated the direction he would take on his next album, Southpaw Grammar. B-sides include a live version of ŒSuedehead¹, the gorgeous ŒUsed To Be A Sweet Boy¹, Moz¹s exploration of London¹s underbelly, ŒHave-A-Go Merchant¹ and ŒBlack-Eyed Susan¹, and an affecting version of ŒMoonriver¹.   Both box sets are housed in lift-off-lid boxes, with a cover-image taken from a photograph by Anton Corbijn.  The singles¹ artwork, all of which were lovingly conceived and controlled by Morrissey himself, will be faithfully reproduced for each sleeve and the singles themselves will be on heavyweight vinyl for improved sound quality.                       tracklistingsŠ   The 7² Singles ¹88 ­ 91¹   A - Suedehead  B-  I Know Very Well How I Got My Name   A - Everyday Is Like Sunday B - Disappointed   A - The Last Of The Famous International Playboys B -  Lucky Lisp   A - Interesting Drug B - Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference   A - Oujia Board, Oujia Board B - Yes I Am Blind    A - November Spawned A Monster B - He Knows I¹d Love To See Him   A - Piccadilly Palare B - Get Off The Stage   A - Our Frank  B - Journalists Who Lie   A - Sing Your Life  B - That¹s Entertainment   A - Pregnant For The Last Time B - Skin Storm     The HMV/Parlophone Singles  Œ91-95¹   A - My Love Life  B - I¹ve Changed My Plea To Guilty   A - We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful B ­ Suedehead (live) - Hammersmith Odeon, October 4th 1991   A - You're The One For Me, Fatty B - Pashernate Love   A - Certain People I Know B - Jack The Ripper   A - The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get B - Used To Be A Sweet Boy   A - Hold On To Your Friends B - Moonriver    A - Interlude  (Morrissey with Siouxsie) B - Interlude (extended)   A - Boxers  B - Have-A-Go Merchant   A - Sunny  B - Black-Eyed Susan    
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