London¹s iconic but beleaguered Temple to Music, Oxford Street¹s 100 Club, continues to receive increasingly high profile pledges of support from the worlds of rock and blues.   Jazz trombonist Chris Barber is the latest high profile name to show his support. Last week Stephen Dale Petit was interviewed by BBC London about his concerns and love for the venue - he-100-club.html      New Blues pioneer Stephen Dale Petit has announced the donation of all proceeds from the forthcoming single taken from his new album ŒThe Crave¹, the appropriately titled ŒNeed Your Love So Bad¹, to the Save The 100 Club campaign. The single, now officially titled ŒNeed Your Love So Bad (Save The 100 Club)¹ is released on December 6th and is expected to sell heavily to an enthusiastic, fast-growing and proactive grassroots movement which includes nearly 20,000 Facebook supporters.   This follows Stephen Dale Petit¹s December 1st 100 Club Benefit gig at the club featuring Special Guests, Rolling Stones¹ guitarists Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor and (exclusively confirmed here) a rare live appearance from octogenarian British Blues Boom architect, jazz trombonist Chris Barber.   In the early 1960s, Barber (along with blues trailblazers Alexis Korner and John Mayall) was directly responsible for encouraging young hopeful musicians like Eric Clapton, Peter Green and members of The Rolling Stones and helped to foment the British Blues explosion that in turn resulted in the British Blues Invasion exported back to the US in the mid to late 1960s.   Organizer Petit enthuses ³It¹s fantastic that Chris Barber¹s coming down to play ­ he¹s the Godfather of modern British music and his connections to the 100 Club are deep and longstanding²   More names for the December 1st Benefit will be announced in coming weeks. See also <> <>   
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