Vive Le Punk regrets to inform that Willy Deville-original singer with Mink Deville-of Spanish Stroll fame has died. He was one cool mutha-and a truly great songwriter. Check out his song Guardian Angel to witness that. He will not be forgotten.


Willy DeVille (Born William Borsay)
August 25, 1950 – August 6, 2009

devilleWillie DeVille was a much respected American singer, songwriter and musician who came to prominence fronting his own band, Mink DeVille, the one-time house band for legendary NYC club, CBGB’s. Although it’s difficult to label DeVille’s music, he had no problem fitting with the punk and new wave artists of the era with his musical stew of R&B, rock, cabaret, roots, blues, New Orleans, and country. Mink DeVille as a band was over by the mid ’80s, but DeVille continued to have a successful career (at least at the cultish level) well into the 2000s. Throughout his career, he worked with the likes of Brenda Lee, Dr. John, Mark Knopfler to name a few. It was discovered that DeVille had pancreatic cancer in June of 2009 while being treated for Hepatitis C. He died of the cancer at the age of 58.

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