Mick Green, lead guitarist for The Pirates, died on January 11 at age 65.

Green’s death was revealed on the guitarist’s website by his son, Brad.

No cause of death was given, but Green spent time in hospital last year with a suspected kidney problem. He also had a history of heart attacks – including one suffered on stage while on tour with Bryan Ferry in 1993.

Brad’s website message reads as follows:

“It is with the greatest of sorrow that I have to inform you all that my father, Mick Green, has passed away.

“My dad will be deeply missed by his family, friends and fans all around the world. He inspired and dazzled with his amazing talent and his sharp personality and wit. His spirit and his music will continue to live on through his music.

“Thank you all for your support and thoughts.”

Green joined his schoolfriends, bassist Johnny Spence and drummer Frank Farley, in The Pirates in 1962, just after the band scored a huge hit with Shakin’ All Over with Joe Moretti on lead guitar.

Green’s ability to play lead and rhythm guitar simultaneously influenced a number of British guitarists, including Pete Townshend of The Who.

It was during the 1970s that The Pirates came into their own as a live act and made a huge impact on the era’s flourishing pub-rock scene.

More recently, Green appeared on Sir Paul McCartney’s 1999 album Run Devil Run and Van Morrison’s 2008 album Keep It Simple.

Uriah Heep guitarist Mick Box named Green as a major influence in Classic Rock issue 136.

Box commented:

“As a youngster I first saw Mickey Green performing in a theatre in Leytonstone, East London. He had a beautiful Fender Telecaster and an air of confidence that really made an impression on me. Seeing him on stage was when I decided I wanted to be a guitarist myself.

“A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to meet Mickey at a festival in Scandinavia, and he was a complete gentleman as I retold the story of that first encounter that made such a big impression on my life.

“He was truly the guitarist of the manor in the East End of London, that’s for sure.”

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