Mental health organisation SOUND SYSTEM SUPPORT have launched a new campaign encouraging those involved in music to share their thoughts about the impact of their experiences on their mental health.

Sound System Support is a custom-built therapy and wellbeing service for touring musicians and professionals, founded by therapist and ex-performer Katie Evans. They provide tailored support packages based on the artist's needs while on the road, and on the return to home life. With specialists in psychotherapy, identity, sex, change work, loss, meditation, addiction, trauma, and complex mental health they can offer help for a wide range of issues

As part of their mission to shine a light on mental health in the music industry, Sound System Support are launching a new campaign, Sound Off (On Mental Health In Music), encouraging those involved in music to speak up about their experiences, concerns, tips, and thoughts around mental health. While Sound System Support focuses predominantly on time spent touring, this campaign wants to cover everything.

"We have decided to launch Sound Off because we know that mental health still comes with a degree of stigma and shame," Evans explains. "In the music world particularly, it can feel tough to speak out about struggling when the job you do may feel like a privileged or fun position. Yet life in music can come with many specific issues. From years of experience, we know that to tackle shame we bring things into the light and connect through mutual experiences."

The organisation is encouraging people to share short videos or pictures that they feel express their thoughts on mental health, using the hashtags #soundoffmh #soundsystemsupport and #mhim, so that they can get in touch and ask to add you to our campaign. They also plan to record video interviews and run live events featuring a mix of pre-booked performers and open mic, encouraging people to share in a group environment. This will include musicians, those working in the industry and therapists/experts; they are hoping to get people involved and open discussions.

They will be updating their website soon with more news and ways to get involved, but in the meantime encourage people to add them on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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