THE MEN THEY COULDN¹T HANG SILVERTOWN and THE DOMINO CLUB   12TH JULY (T-BIRD)      Formed in 1984 The Men They Couldn¹t Hang released the single ŒThe Green Fields of France¹ which became a big hit on the UK indie chart and was No. 1 in John Peel¹s Festive 50 for that year. The following year they were signed by Elvis Costello to his Demon Label.   In 1988 they signed to the new Silvertone label and released their SILVERTOWN album.  The highlights of the album included ³Rain, Steam and Speed², ³A Place in the Sun² and ³A Map of Morocco².   This re-release comes with 6 bonus tracks, including demos/extended mix and single A+B sides plus liner notes that includes a new interview with the group.   The Domino Club released in 1990 on the Silvertone label had a more conventional rock sound than their previous album Silvertown.   Lead singers Swill and Cush take you through an emotional rollercoaster of a ride where one minute your heart feels like it¹s breaking - ŒAustralia¹, ŒKingdom of the Blind¹ and the next you can¹t help smiling - ŒGrave Robbing In Gig Harbour¹, ŒDogs Eyes, Owl Meat, Man- Chop¹.    This re-release comes with 3 bonus tracks and the liner notes feature a new interview with the group.       THE MEN THEY COULDN¹T HANG SILVERTOWN (TBIRD 0031CD) THE DOMINO CLUB (TBIRD 0030CD) OUT 12TH JULY 2010 ­ T-BIRD VIA CHERRY RED RECORDS 
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