The Members and Department s Christmas show

December 13th Members Annual Christmas Show with Department S at 229 Club ...


Last year we had a great show at the 100 Club and lots of Members of the original crews that followed the bands back in the day made it to the show. It reminded me that the scene was not so much about the bands but about the social element. It was great to see all the old faces and a few new ones as well. We will also be having the ever popular 100% Stiff DeeJay Ken on the Wheels of Steel This year we are doing it at the 229 Club which is a great venue across the road from Great Portland street Station its a saturday before christmas buy tickets here . The Members have been off having adventures in the USA and will be working up a special set with some tracks we haven't played for a while and some surprises. I know some people dont have much money this time of year so Im arranging for some free tickets you gotta win the competition to get them and I will be giving away some rare collectors vinyl which will be an ideal christmas present for a Members fan... Be nice to catch up with the lads from Department S as well as they have been doing some interesting shows. At the Show we will have plenty of merchandise for christmas stockings and we look forward to catching up with all of you If we dont see you have a great 2015.

win two tickets for the Christmas Show
Q What Venue in Hammersmith would you see the Members in early 1978
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the Ideal Present for a Members Fan
Q Rudi Thomson Played Sax on Solitary Confinement when and where did he last play with the Members
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if you cant make the show you can order vinyl here

Here is a Rare badge from 1978 from Members Fan Mike Lacey Hampton Crew 16.... Lets try and get some of the old faces down to make the night specialhamp
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Members US Tour Tee Shirts available in kids, Ladies s,m, l Mens m, l, xl, 2xl available at the Show togther with Vinyl and CDs Badges and Plectrums and even a few Hats. If you cant make the Show you can buy online here!


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