Heres the news from those Sounds of the Suburbs legends-the Members!!! Lost Videos FOUND, New Cd's and TEE Shirts, Brentford Show With RAT Heres all the News from The Members 1. The New ep is coming out next week on CD get yours now with bonus tracks here 2. Brentford show is in A Church! On the 1st April Rat only lives round the corner. Rat Scabies has never Played so near his house so this show is gonna be special, the lads got pretty tight on tour and now its time to see for yourself. There are tickets here 3. The New T shirts and Merch is ready its hot we got Polos Harringtons come and get it here. 4. Missing Videos on the Net for the first time. The Official Videos of * Solitary Confinement from 1979 * Offshore Banking from 1979 * Its Cold out there, Balkan Madness From Chris and JC in the 80's * New English Blues part ii 5. Rats Blog.Read about what its like to go on tour with a Band playing 12 shows and driving 4000 miles. READ IT HERE 6. We are always looking for exciting new places to play so. If you wanna book us email me. See you in Brentford! JC
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