Fresh from their last-minute appearance at Rebellion, MC16 are unveiling a new video with Vive Le Rock!

Recorded with in demand producer Dave Draper at his  OId Cider Press Studios in Worcestershire, 'One From Another' "is about the fact that biologically we are all just one from another," explains singer/guitarist Carson. "That is our starting
point in life, and it can be a lifelong tangle. You are born pre-loaded with all the preconceptions and stereotypes which then evolve and develop for better or

“One from another is like the main criteria by which we are judged and judge others," points out bassist and co-vocalist Quinn. "Oh he is a punk, that explains it then! Its like they say, you tell someone you are a painter and they are really impressed but when you add the next bit and say 'And decorator' they aren’t impressed anymore and tail off.”

“That’s why in the song we liked the idea of the Breaking Bad-inspired teacher
who becomes a drug dealer because that messes with the judging criteria," adds drummer Duffy. "We also think the concept of 'One From Another' is reflective so the middle 8th section is literally Quinn ad-libbing about growing up in Birmingham. We aren’t sure how best do that live yet though, especially as he likes a drink before going on stage.”


'One From Another' is available from tomorrow from Bandcamp.

The video is the work of Hutch Films. Catch MC16 live at Morecambe Punk Fest, 17-19 November.

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