To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Echo Beach being an international hit single, Martha and the Muffins have recorded a new version of the iconic song, along with a brand new song entitled ŒBig Day¹. Both songs are now available from iTunes and other leading digital download stores (  Read the official press release announcement ­  Although founding Muffins member, Mark Gane was not aware of a real Echo Beach when he originally wrote the song in 1978, fans around the world have written to the band, asking them if it was about a particular beach or place.  For the past 30 years the mystery has been a part of the song¹s universal and enduring appeal.  "We recorded the new version of Echo Beach when we rehearsed for the Music Gallery concerts in Toronto last February,² says Gane.  ³The reaction from the audience was really strong and people started asking us if we would release the new version commercially. The band did such a great job with the arrangement that we decided to take them into the studio and record the 30th anniversary version.²  ³We wanted to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the song, by not trying to replicate the version that we originally recorded, but as musicians who¹ve experienced three decades of living. We¹d like to refer to the new recording of Echo Beach as our Œgrown-up¹ version."  To celebrate 30 anniversary of Echo Beach and the bonus track ŒBig Day¹, the Muffins will write and record a song about a big day in the life of one lucky fan. ³Celebrating 30 years of Echo Beach is a big day for us,² says Gane. ³We wanted to celebrate this achievement and give one of our fans a big day to look back on 30 years from now.²  To enter the contest, fans are being asked to submit a 200 word story describing a big day in their life by emailing  
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