Former Ramones drummerMarky Ramone has said that despite claims, producer Phil Spector didnt hold a gun to the band's heads while they were making1980s' 'End Of The Century album'.

According to rumours Spector held the band hostage at gunpoint during fraught recording sessions. He told the NME though
"There were no guns pointed at anybody,"  "They [guns] were there but he had a license to carry.

"He never held us hostage. We could have left at any time. We had the keys.

In the video Marky Ramone also talked about the clash in political ideals he had with his bandmates, describing Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone as "fanatics".

He said, "I'm a Democrat, Joey was a Democrat. Johnny and Dee Dee were staunch, avid right wing conservative fanatics. Our political views were definitely different."


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