Magazine : 2009
Noko / Ipso Facto / Devoto

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Magazine are pleased to end the rumours, right here and right now,
regarding just who is going to walk in the not inconsiderable size
9s of John McGeoch and step up to become the guitarist for the
Magazine shows in February 2009.

After due diligence, and no small amount of fine tuning, it is now
right and proper to announce that Noko will be that man.

Noko’s previous with Magazine related projects include being the
other half to Howard Devoto in Luxuria, who released two albums
between 1988 and 1990 - ‘Unanswerable Lust’ and ‘Beast Box’. The
latter co-produced by Dave Formula. Prior to that Noko replaced
Barry Adamson on bass, and then played guitar with John Doyle and
Buzzcock Pete Shelley, in the amusingly named The Pete Shelley Group.

With Magazine, McGeoch played a Yamaha SG1000 + MXR flanger
+ a few other bits. Noko is substantially duplicating this equipment
set-up, enabling him to create and re-create much of Magazine’s
original dynamic with a flick of his fringe and a switch.

Trust us, he’s the man for the job.
Next up, it can be revealed that Ipso Facto have been invited to open
the shows with a short set of their own making and later will join Magazine
on background vocals for several numbers.

Back in the day, Magazine offered the traditional support slot to up-and-coming
left field acts on the cusp of a breakthrough. Cue Bauhaus and Simple Minds...
Ipso Facto are ripe and ready to carry the mantle.


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