An Anthology: 02.78 – 06.81
Re-mastered with singes & b-sides

Release date: 9 February 2009

To coincide with Magazine’s first UK tour since 1981, EMI is proud to announce the release of a definitive, double-anthology, CD retrospective of the band’s highly-influential career, including singles and b-sides.
Featuring songs from the band’s four studio albums - Real Life, Secondhand Daylight, The Correct Use Of Soap and Magic, Murder And The Weather – in chronological order, the anthology highlights the breadth of Magazine’s diversity and talent.  Founded in 1977 by former Buzzcock Howard Devoto, the band wilfully ignored the prevailing musical orthodoxy of the punk era, rejecting punk’s reductiveness for a musical template which incorporated keyboards and a textuality that had blinkered and faint-hearted critics crying out that prog rock had returned. Magazine were progressive, but their music was focused, concise: never an overblown showcase for musical virtuosity. Melody was never sacrificed. It says volumes for Magazine’s scope that they were lauding John Barry at a time when the world was seemingly trying to be The Clash or re-write The Ramones songbook.
As well as Devoto, the band featured the talents of Guitarist John McGeoch (who sadly passed away in 2004) - an inimitable stylist who later went on to join Siouxsie And The Banshees and Public Image Ltd; and bassist Barry Adamson who has carved out a notable solo career, in addition to working with Nick Cave. Magazine’s producers included John Leckie (The Stone Roses) and the legendary Martin Hannett. Devoto’s adroit choice of collaborators helped make Magazine unique.
The Anthology includes all the band’s singles and b-sides (listed below). The album artwork will be designed by Malcolm Garrett (Buzzcocks, Magazine, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, etc).
1.                       Shot By Both Sides – Original Single Version
2.                       My Tulpa
3.                       Definitive Gaze
4.                       Parade
5.                       The Light Pours Out Of Me (co-write with Buzzcocks’ Pete Shelley)
6.                       My Mind Ain’t So Open
7.                       Touch And Go
8.                       Goldfinger
9.                       Rhythm Of Cruelty – Original Single Version
10.                   Back To Nature
11.                   Permafrost
12.                   Feed The Enemy
13.                   Give Me Everything
14.                   I Love You, You Big Dummy
15.                   TV Baby

1.                       A Song From Under the Floorboards
2.                       Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
3.                       Sweetheart Contract
4.                       Because You’re Frightened
5.                       I Want To Burn Again
6.                       Model Worker
7.                       Twenty Years Ago
8.                       The Book
9.                       Upside Down
10.                   About The Weather
11.                   Vigilance
12.                   Come Alive
13.                   The Garden
14.                   In The Dark
15.                   The Operative

1-5: from Real Life
6: Shot by Both Sides b-side
7-8: non-album single & accompanying b-side
9-12: from Secondhand Daylight
13-14: non-album single & accompanying b-side
15: b-side of Rhythm of Cruelty
1-6: from The Correct Use Of Soap
7: b-side of A Song From Under The Under The Floorbaords
8: b-side of Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
9: non-album single
10-13: from Magic, Murder and the Weather
14-15: b-sides of About The Weather 12”
Magazine will play the following live dates - their first live for 28 years - in 2009:
12 Feb @ The Forum, London
13 Feb @ The Forum, London
14 Feb @ Club Academy, Manchester
16 Feb @ Academy, Glasgow
17 Feb @ Club Academy, Manchester
The line-up will include Howard Devoto, who formed the band after he left Buzzcocks in 1977; Dave Formula, who joined after post-punk anthem and debut single ‘Shot By Both Sides’; Barry Adamson and John Doyle. The replacement for the much missed John McGeoch will be Noko, who was the co-member of Luxuria with Devoto, and in Apollo 440.

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