John Lydon Defends Butter Adverts

Ahead of PiL tour

Punk icon John Lydon has defended his much criticised appearance in adverts for butter firm Country Life.

It was the moment many fans thought they would never see. John Lydon spent the bulk of his career offending the establishment, releasing groundbreaking rock 'n' roll with The Sex Pistols and then Public Image Limited.

However last year the singer appeared in a series of adverts for butter firm Country Life. Lending his support to the campaign, many fans cried 'sell out!' at the one time punk hero.

Speaking to Camden New Journal, John Lydon explained that without the money from his appearance on the adverts he would not have been able to fund the Public Image Limited tour in December.

"The money I got from that advert is the advance on this," the singer explained.

Adding that he's "living on the lucky end of a shoestring" the new tour is set to kick off with a date in Birmingham on December 15th.

Asked about the criticism he faced, John Lydon claimed that he felt no guilt over appearing in the Country Life campaign. "Why are they questioning me?" he said. "What manual am I supposed to adopt? I'm promoting a British product which I'm very proud of. Anything I can do to help British industry is fine by me and in return you've got PiL."

The punk icon went on to praise Take That mainman Gary Barlow, who coincidentally walked past as the interview was taking place. "He's a fine lad, nothing wrong with him," remarked Lydon about the pop singer.

"I saw him on the Jonathan Ross show. I get on well with Jonathan Ross, I think he's all right, and if he likes him he must be kosher."

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